4200 People showed up to protest Hu Jintao in Tokyo

6th May 2008: Tibet supporters in Japan held a gathering titled “SAVE TIBET” in Tokyo. It was done to coincide with the Chinese President Hu Jintao`s visit to Tokyo on the day. Objective of the gathering was to send message to Hu Jintao that although Japan welcome his visit, Japanese people have not forgotten Tibet and that China should stop suppressing and killing innocent people in Tibet.

Nihon Seinen Kaikan Hall in Tokyo with capacity of 1300 people was fully packed on the day. The event started a 1 pm. Mr. Seishu Makino, organizer of SAVE TIBET NETWORK greeted the crowd and explained the objective of Save-Tibet movement; he called upon all the people to fight against injustice being perpetrated by the communist regime in Tibet and other parts of China. Mr.Karma Chopel, Speaker of Tibetan Parliament in exile was the chief speaker. He thanked the crowd for their support and dwelt upon the current situation in Tibet and need for international intervention to resolve Tibetan issue. Mr.Yukio Edano, the representative of Japan’s Parliament member for Tibet in his speech requested the people for more support and initiative to help the Tibetan brothers and sisters in Tibet. Dolma Tsering, a Tibetan woman, and a Japan’s first non-Japanese licensed welfare worker, spoke to the gathering.

A short video introducing brief history of Tibet since 1950s and His Holiness’s message was shown. Representative from Japan Amnesty member, Japanese Buddhist monks, and Shinto priests also made speeches. Kalden Obara, a leader of Tibetan community in Japan delivered speech on behalf of Tibetans.

Petitions and signature campaign numbering more than 30,000 received from all parts of Japan and abroad were announced. The petition request for immediate actions to alleviate the sufferings of the people arrested and besieged in Tibet by providing necessary food, water and medical care, as well as release thousands of innocent Tibetans.

People from Inner Mongol, Uighur, Taiwan as well as a Chinese activist for democratization of China and the Tinanmen square victims also made their representation. Later the Tibetans and Japanese sang Tibetan uprising song Longsho which created a great impact on the all those gathered for the event.

Among those present, some had tears on their eyes; some said it was their first time to know about what happened and happening in Tibet, Uighur, Inner Mongol and other regions. The hall was overwhelmed with feeling of solidarity and support.

After the gathering at the hall, people headed for the Park, from where the demonstration-march begun. Another few thousands of people waiting outside the hall and the Park joined the demonstration. The march passed through Omote-Sando street, which is one of the most fashionable high street in Tokyo and reached Yoyogi park. It was some two kilometers walk-course. On the open-air stage in the Park, Tibetans lined up and raised slogans. Thousands of people repeated “Free Tibet” and other slogans endlessly with great fervor.

In the evening, “Candle Lighting Vigil” was observed to pray for the Tibetans and Chinese who were killed in Tibet at Yoyogi Koen. Tibetan and Japanese recited Avaloketesvara mantra and Dolma. The vigil was observed till 8 pm.

The event was greatly covered by domestic as well as international medias. How much care the Japanese government may have taken not to spoil the Hu Jintao`s visit, Japanese supporters of Tibet have been able to convey to Hu that Japanese people are watching and China should host Olympics with due respect to the spirit of Olympics, i.e. peace, freedom and harmony.

May 6th, Demonstraton

May 6th, Gathering


Rally and demonstration in Tokyo during Hu Jintao's state visit to Japan

Part 1 - Rally: Doors open at 11:30. Running time 12:30 ~ 14:00
Part 2 - Demonstration: 14:30~
Part 3 - Candlelight vigil

One month has passed since the violent suppression of the demonstrations that started in Lhasa on March 10th. Although the focus of Japan's news media has switched from "what is happening in Tibet" to "Olympic torch troubles", the situation in Tibet continues to worsen.

Under the facade of "public safety" many Temples and ethnic Tibetan residential areas have been sealed off. Without food or water there have begun to be deaths due to starvation. A young boy was gunned down while trying to bring food to family members in the hospital when he ventured outside. On top of house-to-house searches, people are forcibly incarcerated and tortured without as much as a single witness or warrant for arrest. Hundreds of monks are loaded onto trucks, imprisoned then shot.

Forced reeducation (including corporal punishment and image trampling) is carried out at schools and temples, ethnic Tibetan schools are forcibly closed, and the use of armed force by the Chinese government, a clamp down on human rights and freedom of religion, has been getting worse since March.

So we, who are fortunate enough to live in Japan where we have freedom of expression, in the midst of this worsening situation need to speak out for the Tibetans who cannot do so in their own country. We must do this before Tibet vanishes.

On May 6th we will have a rally and demonstration. The reason for this is that it marks the first official state visit of Hu Jintao since the crackdown in Tibet that started in March. The world will be watching, so this is an excellent opportunity.

We welcome all those who love peace, democracy and know the importance of human rights. We want to make the demonstration on 5/6 as large as possible, so invite your friends.

Although there is a 1000 person limit where the rally is being held (Nihon Seinankan), so we would like as many people as possible to attend the demonstration at 14:30 (where there is no limit).

Time and date: May 6th (National Holiday)

Part 1 - Rally: Doors open at 11:30. Running time 12:30 ~ 14:00
MC: DJ Morley Robertson (J-wave), Yukiko Ikeda (actress)
Part 2 - Demonstration: 14:30~
Part 3 - Candlelight vigil

Place: Nippon Seinenkan (just outside of Ginza line subway, Gaienmae exit)

There is a 1000 person limit. Entrance on a first-come basis.
For those who were unable to get in, please do not loiter around the Nippon Seinenkan area. Please wait nearby in Meiji Park. There are a number of flea markets there too.

You are also welcome to wait in a cafe in Aoyama street and join the Demonstration as it comes by.

Course: Meiji Park -> right along Gaienmae -> Aoyama street -> right along Omotesando -> Meijijingumae -> Olympic bridge -> Yoyogi park area B.

We will line up at Meiji park then start at 14:30
Those who were unable to get into the rally are welcome to join at this time
After arriving at Yoyogi park, there will be some closing comments made
We have reserved the Yoyogi park stage from 13:00 ~ 17:00, so feel free to use it
The Save Tibet Network is not an organization, but a network of individuals. Anyone is welcome to participate as an individual. The Save Tibet Network is planning a peaceful demonstration in a spirit of non-violence.

There are flyers here, please pass them out to your friends (JP): http://briefcase.yahoo.co.jp/bc/save_tibet_net/lst?&.dir=/8db5&.src=bc&.view=l